Richard Donaldson

  • Low Time Pilot opportunities
  • Scottsdale, AZ, USA
  • Aug 08, 2022
Full time Pilot - Fixed Wing Executive Management Marketing

Personal Summary

I am a fairly new pilot (Oct'21) about to finish up my Instrument, then to my Commercial, then to CFI.  I have been a near 25yr tech executive and am starting to open up possibility for working as a pilot and perhaps even help foster some new innovations w/in the Industry (some really good incubator ideas already)...

I live/fly out out of KSDL.

We are witnessing so many shocks to "age old" ways of doing things; the pilot shortage is real and aviation is undergoing one of those shifts as aviation demand is not going down (people, cargo, space, etc); yet the funnel for new pilots has constricted quite a bit over last few decades.  I'd like to help be part of that transformation as I have done in datacenter world, supply chain world, and now looking at Aviation.

Work Experience

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