Priority Air Charter

Priority Air Charter is an FAA approved 135 On-Demand Air Carrier. We currently operate 3 Cessna Caravan’s and 2 Pilatus PC12’s. The operational area includes the entire continental United States, Mexico and Canada.

 You will be transporting auto and aircraft parts, medical supplies, donor organs, oil field equipment, tooling for power plants and any other items that need to be somewhere quick.

 We operate in an “On-Demand” flying environment. This means the majority of our trips are not scheduled ahead of time. Auto assembly plants may be shutting down, mechanics may urgently need the part you are transporting, surgeons and patients need the organ you are bringing. To accomplish our missions, we have a basic schedule for our captains. All of our pilots operate on a 10 days on in a row and 4 days off in a row schedule.

 Upon completion of a trip, you are off duty for a minimum of ten hours of rest.  More rest time applies if needed to satisfy maximum 8 hours of revenue flight time in a 24 hour period rule.

 Because of the urgent nature of our flying, full time pilots need to live within 15 minutes of our airport (OH22). This enables you to have “wheels off” in 45 minutes during the day and one hour at night.

 When we are busy you could fly 4-5 trips per week. During the slower times it may be 1-3 trips per week. Most Caravan trips are out and back. However, a caravan captain may be left away from home base due to weather or freight schedule. A lot of the PC12 trips can be a couple days long with multiple flights to numerous airports.

 Most of the flying is single pilot IFR after the training is complete. All our training is in house including the check ride. New pilots start off in the Caravans and move up to the PC12’s after 500-1000 hours PIC in the Caravans. Exceptions to this are made if a pilot has PC12 experience. Full time pilots are averaging 600-1000 hours per year.